Frequently Asked Questions

Does AMTC provide installation?
AMTC maintains a national network of certified, licensed subcontractors and can arrange and coordinate professional installation. We can arrange the installation and track it to completion via our Customer Portal, which gives you visibility every step of the way. To request installation, simply click “Request Installation” at the bottom of the Order Details screen. If you need to connect an AMTC digital media player to your business telephone system, it's probably best to use the vendor that normally services your system. They are already familiar with the make and model of your system and its configuration. If you don't have a regular telephone service vendor, or if they quote more than $100 for a simple installation, we'd be glad to refer you to a local service vendor. We have vendors we work with in most major markets. (66)
What payment options are available?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) from a bank account. Although we highly discourage it, you may also mail a paper check. This option is not available for monthly subscription renewals. There are significant disadvantages to doing so. Please see “Can I pay for a quote by mailing a check?” in this section. (96)
Are credit terms available?
You may apply for an AMTC CreditLine account. A Volume Purchasing Agreement (VPA) for minimum annual spending commitment of $3000.00 is required. See “Are volume discounts available?” in this section for more details about VPAs.
Are volume discounts available?
Volume discounts are automatically applied during checkout, based on the contents of the quote being purchased. If you anticipate placing multiple orders over time that, in total, would warrant a volume discount, you may establish a Volume Purchase Agreement (VPA). A VPA is a contract, under which you agree to purchase a minimum dollar amount over a specified term, and in return we apply a discount to all orders, regardless of individual order size. Please contact AMTC Customer Support for more information about VPAs. (98)
What shipping options are available?
We ship via FedEx. At checkout, you will be given the opportunity to select from any FedEx class of service available to your specified shipping address. You may also select “Customer Pickup” to pick your Order up at our warehouse in Clearwater, FL or to arrange your own carrier. (99)
Will I pay any taxes on my order?
AMTC maintains a tax nexus only with the State of Florida. If your specified shipping address is within Florida and your order contains sales-taxable goods, you will be charged Florida state sales tax at checkout. If your order includes SiriusXM Music for Business, you will be charged Florida Communications Tax on that subscription. (100)
What is your return policy?
You may return any physical item purchased within thirty (30) days from the order date (we must receive the returned item within this timeframe). Renewals of subscription services are not subject to this right of return. In such event, the amount paid by you for the returned item shall be refunded, less any discounts which become unearned by virtue of the return. Shipping, handling, and activation fees are non-refundable, and you are responsible for return shipping charges. No returns shall be accepted unless accompanied by a Return Authorization obtained from AMTC. Returned items must be in new condition, in the original packaging, with all original package contents included. Notwithstanding the foregoing, no returns will be permitted of items purchased on an order with a total value exceeding $5000.
How much does installation cost?
Certified installers have agreed to adhere to the rates shown in our Suggested Installation Rates document, available for download in the Support/Downloads section of Occasionally, circumstances will require deviation from these suggested rates due to permits and licensing fees, unusual site conditions, excessive travel time to reach your location, higher prevailing labor rates for certain metropolitan areas, etc. If this is the case, the installer must disclose, and you must agree to, any additional charges before work is scheduled or commenced. In the event that an on-site survey is required to determine such additional charges, the installer must disclose, and you must agree to, the charge, if any, for such on-site survey. AMTC recommends that in all cases, you get an estimate or quote in writing before allowing an installer to commence work. Please remember that AMTC is serving solely as a facilitator. The installer is solely responsible for the quality of work performed. Similarly, you are solely responsible for payment for any work performed by the installer. AMTC does not, in any way, take or mediate payment for installation of equipment. You may direct any questions regarding installation details, pricing, etc. directly to the installer via the Installation Jobs tab of the AMTC Customer Portal. (185)
Can I pay for a quote by mailing a check?
Quotes are normally paid (turning them into orders) via our online checkout process. During checkout, customers are asked to enter either a credit card or bank account as a method of payment. We highly recommend that you take advantage of this quick, easy process. However, if you must pay via paper check, we have a way to accommodate you. Mail the check to AMTC, 4091 AMTC Center Drive, Clearwater, FL 33764. Write your Customer ID (found at the top left of your account page) on the check. When we receive your mailed paper check, we treat it as a deposit, which will appear in the Customer Deposits section of the Activity tab. You must then log in and pay your quote via online checkout. Your Customer Deposits balance will be applied to reduce the quote total. PLEASE NOTE: Quotes are calculated dynamically during checkout, using pricing, shipping rates, tax rates and inventory availability at the moment. AMTC does not guarantee that pricing and availability will remain constant. If you mail a check to pay for a quote based on pricing shown at the time you mail the check, the check amount may not match the quote total at the time you check out. If your Customer Deposits balance is insufficient to cover the Quote total, you will be required to pay the difference with another method of payment. If your Customer Deposits balance exceeds the Quote total, your unused balance will remain for future purchases. You may also withdraw your Customer Deposits balance to a bank account. ALSO PLEASE NOTE: Once we receive a paper check, posting it as a Customer Deposit may take up to three business days. Please consider this if time is of the essence, such as with subscription renewals.
I forgot to set “Do Not Renew” on a device, and my subscription renewed automatically. Can I get a refund?
Per the terms and conditions you assented to when your original purchase was made, there are no refunds on subscriptions.
AMTC Messaging UT Subscription
The AMTC Messaging UT subscription gives customers access to Special Program “standard” messages in unencrypted form. This allows them to be played on a device other than an AMTC digital media player, such as a VOIP telephone system. AMTC’s ongoing cost of producing and updating Standard Messages is significant. In order to protect this intellectual property from “file sharing”, we “tag” each Standard Message included in your playlist with a Custom Message, creating one new mp3 file from the combination of the two messages. You produce the “tag” message via the same process used to produce any other Custom Message. In order to qualify as a “tag”, the message must in some way uniquely identify your company, so that the “tagged” Standard Message is no longer usable by anyone other than you. An example would be “Thank you for calling the John Doe Agency”. Once you have produced your tag, contact AMTC Customer Support to request that it be so designated in our system. If you are unsure whether an intended script will meet the requirements of a tag, contact Customer Support BEFORE producing the message. If the requirements are not met, we will not designate the message as a tag, you will be unable to download messages, and you will have wasted messaging credits.
When you create a new message for me, does it automatically start to play on my media player?
No. When the message is created, it becomes available to you for programming into the playlist for your media player. Programming your playlist is done with your AMTC Messaging subscription by logging into your customer account at (131)
How do my messages get onto my media player?
We offer two digital media players for use with AMTC Messaging, the iQueue and the RemoteLink IP. With either, your AMTC Messaging subscription allows you to log into your customer account at and program a “playlist” of messages, as well as select the type and duration of music you desire between messages. The RemoteLink IP is internet-connected, so changes to your playlist and/or music are picked up by the player automatically, with no further action required of you. The iQueue uses a removable SD memory card. You download your message and music files using a web browser on your PC, copy the files onto the SD card, and then place the card into the player. For more extensive information about the two player technologies, please visit (132)
I have a radio commercial I’d like to use on my digital media player. Is this possible? Will there be a charge? How long will it take?
No problem. On the Custom Content tab of our Customer Portal, there’s an “Upload Audio” button in the Messages area of the Audio section. The file must be MP3 format, 64 kbps, 22050Hz, mono. If you want a title and the message text to be visible when managing your messages or playlists (as with messages we produce for you), you may include them as well. There is no cost for this service. (133)
I want to record my own message. Is this possible? Will there be a charge? How long will it take?
No problem. On the Custom Content tab of our Customer Portal, there’s an “Upload Audio” button in the Messages area of the Audio section. The file must be MP3 format, 64 kbps, 22050Hz, mono. If you want a title and the message text to be visible when managing your messages or playlists (as with messages we produce for you), you may include them as well. There is no cost for this service. (134)
Who writes the copy for a custom message?
You can write your own copy, or we can write it for you at no additional charge. You simply tell us what you want the message to be about. The whole process is done online. (49)
Will I get a chance to review the copy before it gets recorded?
Of course. Once you submit information, a professional copywriter will be assigned to the job. Once the copy is written, it will be available on our website for you to review/edit/approve. (50)
How long will copywriting take?
No more than seven days from when you submit information. You will be notified via email when copy is available for you to review/edit/approve. (51)
Can I select the voice talent for my message?
Yes. Once you approve copy, you'll be asked to select a voice talent. A demo of each voice talent will be available. (52)
How long will recording take?
No more than seven days from when you approve copy and make your voice talent selection. You will be notified via email when the message is available for use. (53)
How do I select music to go with my messages?
This is done by logging into your account at You may change your music selection at any time. (54)
If I want to change the music that plays with my messages, do I need to have my messages recreated?
No. With older messaging technology, messages were produced in "blocks" ("productions"), typically 4 to 6 minutes in length, with the music in the background. If you wanted to freshen your music, the entire production had to be redone at great expense, even though all you needed was new music. With AMTC Messaging, the music and messages are separate files. The music files are produced so that the transition from a message to music and back to another message is smooth and seamless. Changing the music does not affect your messages at all. This allows you to "freshen up" your messaging simply by changing your music selection, at no cost to you. Our customers particularly appreciate this when the holidays arrive, when many customers wish to have holiday music with their messaging. Our technology makes this possible with the click of a mouse, and zero cost! (55)
If one of my messages becomes out-of-date, do I have to recreate all of my messages?
No. With older messaging technology, messages were produced in "blocks" ("productions"), typically 4 to 6 minutes in length. If any message became obsolete, the entire production had to be redone at great expense, even though only one small portion had become out-of-date. With AMTC Messaging, each message is a separate file. Your subscription to AMTC Messaging allows you to log into your account at and delete any message that is obsolete, at no cost. If you want to update what's obsolete, you pay only to create a single new message. (56)
I need a very short message, approximately 10 seconds long. Will I have to use up a whole minute of my messaging credits?
No. We measure message length in 15-second increments. If you only require a 10-second message, you'll use 15 seconds of your messaging credits. (57)
How long can I play my messages? Do they expire?
Once we create a message for you, you "own" it and have the right to use it forever. If you have a RemoteLink IP Digital Media Player, you must maintain an active subscription for the player to continue to function. If you choose to discontinue your subscription, we can provide your message files, and you're free to use them as you desire. (58)
I have four locations of my business. I want to create a message and play it at all four locations. Will I have to pay to have the message created four times, even though it's the same message?
No. When we create the message it will be available for play on any or all of your devices, without limit. You only pay once to have the message created, and we don't charge you any more or any less based on where you play the message. (59)
Can I get a message created in a foreign language?
We routinely produce messages in Mexican and Latin American Spanish, and Canadian French. We also offer English with a British accent and European Spanish. A $100 surcharge applies, which covers up to four minutes of messages produced at the same time. We do not offer translation services. You must supply message text in the desired language. Other languages are available; inquire about rates. (60)
Do you guarantee my satisfaction with my messages?
If you are dissatisfied with any custom message produced by us, we will redo it at no charge using the original copy. You must request such corrective action within seven days of production of the custom message in question. You are responsible for reviewing copy carefully, and the guarantee does not cover copy errors approved by you. (61)
If I purchase multiple minutes of messaging, how long do I have to use them?
Forever. There is no expiration time for use of messaging credits. For example, if you buy a package of 10 minutes, you can use one minute per month for 10 months, or one minute per year for 10 years. It's up to you. This is completely different from the policy of most messaging vendors. Most have "use 'em or lose 'em" contracts. Typically, you pay a monthly or annual fee for a term of one to three years, and are entitled to a set number of message updates during that term. If you don't use what you're entitled to, too bad for you; you wasted your money. We don't do business that way. You will never pay for messaging and not get to use it! (62)
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