Business messaging from just $9.95 per month.

Whether used “in-store” with background music or "on hold" for telephone callers, business messaging makes sense. It’s an effective marketing tool that will pay for itself many times over through increased sales volume and enhanced customer goodwill. With a cost that’s insignificant compared to other media, it’s your smartest marketing buy, and there's never a contract to sign!

All you need to enjoy AMTC Messaging is an inexpensive digital media player. The player plugs right into your existing business sound system (amplifier and speakers) and/or your “music on hold”-ready telephone system. Professional installation is available in most areas for around $100. If you don't already have a sound system, we can provide one for an unbeatable price. AMTC manufactures a full line of sound products, including amplifiers, speakers, digital media players and more.

When you play the radio, you play ads for other businesses - maybe even your competitors! With AMTC Messaging it's like having your very own radio station that only plays ads for you! Studies show that over 40% of people who hear "in-store" advertising messages make unplanned purchases.

Having messaging during telephone hold time reassures callers that they’re still connected, reduces perceived hold time and takes advantage of a "captive audience". 7 of 10 callers are put on hold. With an average hold time of 30 seconds, a business that receives 100 calls a day, 260 business days a year, has callers on hold 200 hours per year.

Playing the radio or CDs in your business (overhead or during telephone hold time) requires that you pay royalties to ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC, the agencies that represent the music copyright owners. That's three separate bills to pay! We take care of all required royalties for you, and AMTC Messaging costs less than you'd pay these agencies directly just for the royalties.

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